Dr. Lynn Kuo
I am a violinist, educator, and entrepreneur.

As a violinist, I have spent 21+ years as Assistant Concertmaster of the National Ballet of Canada Orchestra and have accumulated years' worth of performance experience around the world.

As an educator and Founder of Violin With Dr. Lynn, I feel honoured to coach advanced violinists from all parts of the world and am passionate about helping them achieve their musical goals.   

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CÉSAR FRANCK Sonata in A major  
I. Allegretto ben moderato  
II. Allegro  
III. Recitativo - Fantasia  
IV. Allegretto poco mosso  

ASTOR PIAZZOLLA Milonga en re  

MICHAEL PEPA Fantaisie bohémienne
NINO ROTA Improvviso en re minore  

IGOR FROLOV Concert Fantasy on Themes from Gershwin's 'Porgy and Bess', Op. 19

”It was as though Ms. Kuo and her instrument became one… She (and the music) were mesmerizing, and accompanist Marianna Humetska only emphasized the imagery. So captivating…”    
Louise Daymond

Pinawa Life, January 2006

“The solo violinist for this premiere performance was Lynn Kuo, a native of St. John’s, Newfoundland, whose virtuosity and musicianship were readily apparent throughout."

Nexus Percussion

"Her charm shone through in something as simple as a carefree twirl of her bow in anticipation of a difficult entry. Both Yee and Kuo radiate a great degree of confidence and warmth on stage." 
The Telegram 

St. John's, Canada

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