Violin Tutorials

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Spiccato Tutorials

My Spiccato definitely changed from the first time I played it ... and it just took 22 minutes!

Tessa Henderson
Violin Student, United Kingdom

Bow Techniques

Practice Tips

Dr. Lynn provided the most up-to-date hacks and practice tools on how to survive auditions.

Yanet Campbell
Violin Student, Royal Conservatory of Music

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Vibrato Tutorials

Sound Production

Performance Anxiety

Dr. Lynn really helped me become more confident and comfortable in my own playing.

Shae-Lynn Winsor
Violin Student, University of Ottawa

Left-Hand Technique

Through watching Dr. Lynn's brilliant tutorials, I have learned how to create more colours from my bow and increase my left-hand dexterity. 

Ben Louwersheimer
Professional Cellist D.M.A, Canada


Violynn Tips

Double Stops

I definitely feel that I'm a better violinist. I'm a lot more comfortable with double stops and chords and I've only been in for 3 weeks now!

Chika Wie
Violinist & Suzuki Teacher, United States


Extended Violin Technique Playlist

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